Swiss Cheese is an Indica leaning hybrid that is crossed between the fragrant Skunk #1 and the very rare Swiss Miss strains. Known for its robust flavors and effects, Swiss Cheese is a fast-acting and euphoric strain that is best suited for evening and nighttime use.Users have described Swiss Cheeses effects to start with a euphoric cerebral rush that slowly turns into a body-numbing and hazy experience leaving them pain-free and a little drowsy. Others enjoy Swiss Cheese for its curative properties and to help ease symptoms of muscle tension, stress, insomnia, and mood disorders.The bud structure of Swiss Cheese is compact and dense, producing green and purple-hued buds that are intertwined with sparse amber pistils.  It has also been noted that Swiss Cheese's trichome rich leaves are perfect for hash and concentrate production.Opening up a Swiss Cheese package will release a skunky and musky aroma that is reminiscent of the old school "chronic" cannabis days. When smoked or vaped, Swiss Cheese is surprisingly sweet and fruity accompanied by its signature overtone of skunk and cheese.THC percentage levels average in the upper teens so overindulging in Swiss Cheese could lead to couch lock and paranoia in some users


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