Our 2gram 110MM King Size Pre Rolls are made with the tastiest topshelf greenhouse on the menu. Special care is taken to ensure only the finest of bud is rolled into these King Size Hemp Wraps.


our Choice of HoneyPuff Hemp Wraps are made using fine-quality papers and organic vegan gum without any GMOs to provide you with a pure, natural product for your smoking mixture.


2 Great flavors: Enjoy your kush in a sweet way. To enhance your smoking experience, these papers are made using fruit extract in a variety of different flavors.

low-burning rate: You’re sure to enjoy your blunt each and every time. These rolling papers promote a smooth, slow-burning rate so you can savor your smoke from the first puff until the very last. 

Eco-friendly wraps: You don’t have to worry about clean-up or harming the environment. Pure and natural, these blunts are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly for added convenience.




 THC Bomb x (Critical Orange Punch x Bubba Island Kush). This indica dominant combination stands for 20%+ THC levels, a euphoric couch-lock stone and flowers covered with huge quantities of dense, glistening trichomes. Perfectly rolled into our Hemp Wraps.

2. MAC & JACK:

Hybrid strain . Cross of the potent MAC1 X Jack Herer strains.It's a super heavy high due to its high level of potency.Super high 25-30% average THC level. The high starts sneaking into your mind.Out of nowhere, you'll find your brain lifted into a heady unfocused state that's filled with vibrant artistic visions and happy bliss. A relaxing body high follows, leaving you feeling calm and kicked back from head to toe.