VOOM Bar is a disposable vape made for smokers who want to try electronic cigarettes without the price going away. This e-cigarette requires no previous experience with electronic cigarettes and disposable vapors have no settings, everything is done automatically, which suits the new vaper. This unit is a so-called "Disposable" e-cigarette, which means that when the battery has run out, the unit is discarded. With a built-in 280mAh battery and a liquid capacity of 1.2ml, you get a satisfying experience with good taste and THC release.


HOW VOOM BAR WORKS VOOM Disposable vape have no functions and no settings, you only need to remove the device from the package and start inhaling from the mouthpiece. No complicated buttons or refilling of e-liquid, everything is done automatically.


There is a selection of organically enfused replaceable cartridges in a variety of strains. also available on the King Kushie online store