Franco Loja was one of the Strain Hunters. Together with Arjan Roskam from Greenhouse Seeds he traveled the world in search for rare landrace strains. These travel adventures were beautifully documented in a video series called 'Strain Hunters'. Sadly, Franco passed away on January 2, 2017 after he contracted Malaria on a trip to Congo, Africa.


With Franco's Lemon Cheese Greenhouse Seeds pays tribute to his life and work that was fully dedicated to all aspects of the cannabis plant. This sativa-dominant strain is an exceptional blend of Super Lemon Haze and Exodus Cheese, two of Franco's favorite strains.


The smell and taste are that of lemon and deliciously satisfying cheddar notes. As for the high, this weed delivers powerful effects that give an uplifting head sensation good for social gatherings and parties.


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