The nicely balanced, sativa-leaning Exodus Cheese is a hybrid cannabis strain that produces a scent reminiscent of its name, being cheesy with undertones of earth and pine. Its taste is similar, with buds that are a mossy green and covered in crystal trichomes.


The THC level of Exodus Cheese averages at around 18%. Reviewers have come to disagreements on the state of the high one achieves with this strain, with some claiming it brings on a boost of energy whileothers state it sedates them and is best consumed at night.


Needless to say, it still will help alleviateaches and pains that are mild throughout the body and help to uplift the spirit. Some have mentioned aspike in creativity.


Negative effects of this strain include dizziness and paranoia if too much is consumed at once. Drymouth and eyes are normal.


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