Bad Azz Kush is a 100 percent pure indica strain that produces a phenomenal amount of THC and a small amount of CBD. The strain is the result of crossbreeding between parent strains Original OG, Urkel, and Afghan Kush. This breeding project has resulted in a powerhouse indica that could probably impress the most veteran of smokers with its hard hitting high.


When blazing a joint or blunt rammed full with the processed flowers of Bad Azz Kush, smokers will notice the delicious flavours of earthiness and spice roll over the taste buds.

This delicious combination of tastes is accompanied by the fine aromas of hashish and berries. As well as adding some sensory pleasure to the experience, these flavour and taste profiles will really appeal to any cannabis connoisseurs who smoke Bad Azz Kush.


The THC content within the flowers of Bad Azz Kush is a monumental 24 percent. This massive amount of the psychoactive cannabinoid creates a powerful and potent indica high that is more than likely going to induce massive relaxation and sensations of couch-lock and deep calm.


Being a pure indica strain, Bad Azz Kush is definitely more suited to night time and evening use, and probably isn’t the best choice of strain to be using in the daytime during work and tasks. Bad Azz Kush is definitely suited to a relaxed and chilled out environment that doesn’t require much physical activity and focus.


The strain is a great choice to smoke when wanting to indulge in some downtime, when watching a film, or when simply wanting to chill out with a good group of friends.


With such a high THC content and indica traits, the intense body high caused by smoking the strain may have some medical value when it comes to stress, muscular tension, and sleeping issues.